Architectural Copying + Printing

Are you an architect, engineer, contractor or homeowner working on a remodel?

We can help with printing, copying and scanning your plan sets.



Plotter Prints

Our large format plotter-copier is capable of printing plan sets or individual pages from either 24" or 36" wide rolls of 20# bond paper.

Most architectural, engineering, structural, and "blueprint" plans or permit sets are printed on 24x36 sheets. We can print oversized as well, typically 36x48 (or 30x42 on that sheet size).

Additionally, for low-cost large copies of other kinds of documents, the plotter is a great option if all you need is 20# bond paper and big black and white prints!

Occasionally we'll get a request for a color rendering. While our plotter is not color, we can print full-color renderings on our low-cost poster paper utilizing our large-format banner/poster printer, and bind those pages into your plan sets with the regular BW plotter prints.

Plan Scans - and Art!

With a wide-format scanner built in, we can scan entire plan sets to PDF files in black and white or full color.

Using the built-in roll scanner, we can also capture flexible flat art up to 36" wide by any length.